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New KAFA Webcast is LIVE!

We are excited to announce our new KAFA-FM webcast!  The new webcast should be more compatible for different computers and media players so if you have experienced problems in the past, you should be good to go!  The webcast will also accommodate more congruent listeners at one time

Many of you have asked for the song titles and artist info to show up on the player and now it does!  That is just one of the many improvements with the new webcast. 


 Thanks once again to the Association of Graduates for sponsoring our KAFA-=FM webcast.

 Upcoming Events

  • Join us at the USAFA Health and Fitness Expo, Thursday June 19th at the AFA Community Center Fitness Center.  We will be broadcasting LIVE from 11a - 1p. for more info CLICK HERE or stay tuned to KAFA-FM!
  • KAFA Inprocessing Day: From 7a-9a we will be LIVE at Doolittle Hall as the Class of 2018 arrives, join us on June 26th for this huge event at the Academy.
  • BCT Updates: During Basic Cadet Training tune in and here our BCT updates only on KAFA-FM.

Stream Us

Our high-quality webcast is with you on your desk-top at work, or take us with you on your phone or mobile device with the Academy App

 (search for "USAFA" in the App store)

Thanks to the Association  of Graduates for supporting our

 KAFA-FM Webcast!

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