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This Friday!!! Oct 3rd is College Radio Day

KAFA-FM is planning 24 hours of great fun on the air around the clock for World College Radio Day!

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12 Mid - MT Zone CRD Kick off with Krista Kelly and KAFA-FM staff
1A - Kasey Raia
2A - Krista Kelly
3A - Rachael Curtis
4A -  Christina Nunley
5A -  The College Radio Road Trip' audio documentary by Nikki Marra
6A -  Morning KAFA with Dave and guests Denver band "Heart and Soul Radio"
7A -  Cadets in Studio with Lauren Ossolinsky and Krista Kelly
8A - KAFA-FM Highlights, some recent interviews from our weekly shows "Crunch Time" "Blinded By Science" and "Character Matters"
9A -  Christina Nunley
10A -  Special hour of Passport Approved
11A -  College Radio Day Simulcast

12 noon - Lunch Time Rewind w/ James

1P -  Casey Evans

2P -  Jacob Gill

3P -  Alex Lee

4P -  The College Radio Road Trip Audio Documentary by Nikki Marra

5P -  Cover Hour with Steve

6P -  Cadets in Studio with Lauren Ossolinsky and Krista Kelly

7P - Local Licks with guests Hydrogen Skyline

8P -  Paul Dean

9P -  Alex Fulton

10P - Lunch Time rewind replay

11P - Tim Tyson

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